Untraditional event venues break the mold and can help you deliver an unparalleled attendee experience. Untraditional venues are spaces that were typically not created for events as their main purpose. Airplane hangars, warehouse spaces, breweries, wineries, bowling allies, art galleries, zoos, museums, aquariums, or even parking lots could all make great untraditional venues for conferences, workshops, fundraisers, galas, or other business-related events.

The uniqueness of these events encourages attendees to share their experiences with others, helping to create that priceless FOMO. Picture your next event with attendees enthusiastically sharing with their followers on Instagram or Twitter, using your event hashtags! Not convinced? Here are some benefits of using untraditional event venues:

1.) Offices Are Less formal, Why Can’t Events Be Too?

The trend of office cultures shifting from formal and closed-off office to open and informal spaces has contributed to the rise of non-traditional event venues. Attendees now desire an open, unique, and creative aspect when going to events.

2.) Choosing Untraditional Event Venues Can Help Increase Chatter on Social Media

At events with unique venues, there are even more opportunities for your attendees to engage on social media and generate buzz. Having an innovative, never-before-seen event space will encourage attendees to share their experiences online, creating major FOMO for those who couldn’t attend. This could help generate traffic to you or your clients’ websites and social media, as well as help build awareness of the brand and even add to your credibility as an event planner.

3.) Untraditional Event Venues Allow You To Get Creative With It

Turning untraditional event venues into an event space will allow you to get creative, as planning around their unique quirks and limitations can be a welcomed challenge. They can also help hit home the theme and mood of an event. In addition, untraditional venues like aquariums or zoos can create memorable and immersive experiences.

4.) Stand Out from Other Events

Don’t blend in – Stand out from the rest! Traditional event venues such as ballrooms and hotel conference rooms have been tried-and-tested and used repeatedly. There is a reason that untraditional event venues are on the rise and event planners are looking to break out of the box with new spaces. These events stand out from the rest and create memorable charming experiences.

5.) Saving money

Using untraditional event spaces can also be easier on your budget. If you are doing an event for a non-profit, you may be able to receive a discounted price on the venue. In addition, you may not need to pay for nearly as much decor in events spaces like museums, art galleries and aquariums, because you can take advantage of the unique setting and what they already have. When working with untraditional event spaces, it’s important to remember there can be challenges in terms of catering and rentals. So, make sure you plan and have contingencies in place. In the end, it will be well worth it once you see your one-of-a-kind event take shape.

What are your thoughts about the use of untraditional event venues? Leave your comments down below! Learn more about How to Find Alternative Venues by watching our on-demand video class.

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