ELI is proud to offer a complimentary mentorship program for business owners in the event industry seeking strategic support and guidance during these extremely challenging times.

For Mentees Seeking Advice

If you own or run a company in the events industry and are struggling with key issues facing your business, apply below to be matched with an experienced business owner for approximately 2 hours of free consulting on your company. The time can be used however is mutually convenient between you and your mentor (e.g. a 2-hour Zoom call, two 1-hour calls, etc. 

For Mentors Offering Advice

If you’re a seasoned event company leader and would like to give back to the industry, apply below to become a business coach. As applications come in, you’ll be matched with a mentee who we feel you’ll be a good fit for. We ask you t commit to at least 2 hours of your time, free of charge, to your assigned mentee to help with whatever challenges they are struggling with. The time can be used as is mutually convenient for you and your mentee.

Program Chair

The Business Owner Mentorship Program is being led by serial event entrepreneur Jeff Guberman, who is currently an owner and CEO of McVeigh Global Meetings & Events. In addition to offering his time as a mentor, Jeff approves and oversees all other coaches in the program.


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