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Janice Cardinale, Chief Idea Hunter defines inspiration as not only the urge but the ability to accomplish creative greatness. This fabulous presentation has become a ‘can’t-miss ‘ annual event at CSE. Janice brings her vision, boundless creativity, most inspiring entertainment insights to the stage with a visual presentation, unlike anything you have seen. Janice identifies the latest trends in emerging new technologies, music, art, and dance as they relate to entertainment and production at an event. Grab a coffee and relax while Janice takes you on a journey into 2018 and what event professionals can expect this coming year.

Recorded on location at Canadian Special Events Live in Toronto, Canada.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 35 mins

Difficulty: All

CMP Credit Hours:

Janice Cardinale

What drives The Idea Hunter is Janice Cardinale’s natural ability to spot up-and-coming young talent and trends. Emerging from a successful career in the fashion industry, Janice bridges the gap between understanding abstract trends and harnessing them in meaningful ways that add “wow factor”. Janice goes above-and-beyond to deliver experiences of the highest caliber. That is why she is the go-to source for ideas for both small & big brand event planners, marketers, independent planners, event professional’s and producers in Canada and the US. Her passion and understanding of the industry make her a leader to follow.

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