Automating Event Department Operations

Intelligent automation and bots can help event and meeting professionals reduce repetitive, mundane tasks and free up more time for higher involvement processes, like strategic planning and forecasting and creative ideation.

In this on-demand course, Susan Parker, Director, KPMG Events & Meetings and Tana Xaka, Associate Director, KPMG Automation Center of Excellence, provide a behind the scenes look at how the KPMG Events & Meetings organization has embraced intelligent automations in several capacities to accelerate event operations — and annually save 10,000 hours and over $300,000.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the benefits of automation — from cost-efficiency and 24/7 productivity to consistent, predictable and reliable performance
  • Strategies to identify and eliminate repetitive tasks to free up human talent for innovative and creative tasks
  • The timeline and steps for building an automation
  • Opportunities for events and meetings professionals to use bots to increase efficiency and cost-savings, and reduce data entry
  • How to create team and stakeholder buy-in to adopt automation strategies
  • Criteria to evaluate automation success

Course Information

Estimated Time: 35 mins


CMP Credit Hours:

Course Domains:

Susan Parker

As a Director at KPMG in the Events & Meetings organization, Sue leads a team that focuses on operational excellence in alignment with strategic event delivery. She plays a key role in introducing tools and technologies to position the firm’s events team ahead in the industry’s evolving landscape. Her areas of expertise and oversight span business insights, data analytics, event management technology tools and platforms, event apps and automations. Prior to this, Sue was an associate director in event delivery, managing the firm’s Northeast region events and meetings.

Before joining KPMG, Sue was vice president of Meetings and Events for JPMorgan Chase, responsible for event management, department administration and operations. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Villanova University and stays connected to the business school by mentoring students.

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Tana Xaka

At KPMG, Tana has worked in a myriad of roles in Events & Meetings, Learning & Development and now Automation. In her current role she acts as a Portfolio Manager for various internal business groups such as Clients & Markets, Events & Meetings and Operations. Her team is responsible for over 300K hours saved and over 180 automations for the firm.

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