Candace Montgomery on How to Inspire FOMO


Inside the Event Innovation Forum with Candace Montgomery from Essence at BizBash Live: The Expo New York 2016! Candace offers her insight into how to inspire a fear of missing out (FOMO), so attendees share their experience at your event socially. Video from

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Estimated Time: 12 mins

Difficulty: All

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Candace Montgomery

As Executive Director, Live Events & Experiential Essence Communications, Candace Montgomery is a leading innovator in the area of strategic experiential marketing programs.

An expert with over 20 years experience, Candace develops integrated event strategies that deliver on the Essence brand promise and partner objectives and goals. She is also responsible for the production, promotional, operational, experiential and budgetary management of the Essence and Essence Festival events portfolio.

Her hands on approach has lead her to executive produce the Essence Festival -the largest cultural gathering in the U.S., award shows, TV productions, street festivals and more. As a brand leader and experiential strategist she works collaboratively across, print, digital, social and the live experience to create cross-platform messaging to brings ideas to life. In addition, her impressive body of work has resulted in WWD, FAME Best of the Best Magazine Event Awards, often being quoted and her events being featured in industry trades like BizBash and min.

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