Change Management in Times of Crisis (Recorded April 3, 2020)

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Beyond the effect on global health, COVID-19 is having an immense economic impact on various industries including events, meetings, hospitality and tourism. As such, organizations must move quickly to make significant and unexpected changes in order to adapt to the changing business landscape. Managing organizational change under normal operations is already a difficult task, however adding a global emergency where change must often occur overnight can be incredibly overwhelming for managers and executives. This is especially true for organizations that do not have change management experience or specialists on staff.

This webinar will provide a crash course on change management leaving you with ideas on how to manage organizational change in times of crisis.

Learning Outcomes

  • Introduction to common strategies and models for organizational change
  • Review typical reasons while organizational change fails, especially while under duress
  • Explore leadership strategies for successful change management
  • Discuss ideas on how to reduce or avoid employee stress, overload and burnout during rapid organizational change

Course Information

Estimated Time: 80 mins

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Michael Granek, MBA, CSEP

Michael Granek, MBA is a successful entrepreneur and award-winning event producer with over two decades of experience in the special events and entertainment industries, as well as over 10 years of experience in adult education and academics. As President, COO of the Event Leadership Institute, Michael applies his diverse background of business management, adult education and special events experience to connect event professionals with leading industry education, training & professional development.

Previous to the Event Leadership Institute, Michael discovered his passion for fostering the next generation of event leaders during his role as Academic Director at The Art Institute of Vancouver. In this position, Michael managed the program’s department and faculty, designed and developed curriculum, instructed various events-related courses, and developed un-paralleled partnerships between the events industry and education. He has also participated in the MPI Meeting and Business Events Competency Standards (MBECS) Faculty Forum, has judged various event industry awards, and has delivered numerous seminars and training workshops at leading industry conferences, colleges, and universities.

Passionate about the growth and development of the events industry, Michael has served on the board of ILEA Vancouver Chapter for eight years, three of those as Chapter President. He has been a member of the ILEA education council and currently sits on the board of the MPI BC Chapter as VP of Finance.

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Jennifer Trethewey

Jennifer Trethewey is author of the book Change or Choke and a global trailblazer in the business world. Jennifer coaches and enables companies and their teams to achieve internal alignment through harnessing the power of Culture, Conflict and Change. A highly successful businesswoman with more than 30 years’ corporate experience in senior roles across multiple sectors, she has fast built credibility as an international Change Agent in Australia and United States.

Jennifer started her career leading a Sales team with retail giant Coles Myer and has extensive training in senior management, operations, leadership, business analysis, customer experience, internal process and marketing. In 2007 she set up ‘change agency’ JTG Global and found a niche in enabling upper management to navigate change and fix problems in their organisation, in what’s become an increasingly complex and fast paced corporate environment.

Her expertise in Culture, Conflict and Change has led to senior consultancies with a diverse range of companies around the world including The Macquarie Leisure Trust, The San Francisco Giants, Equity Trustees, Mediatec Asia Pacific and Service Systems Associates based in Denver, Colorado. Jennifer is currently the International President of ILEA the International Live Events Association based in Chicago and a passionate member of the Hawthorn Football Cub!

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Kevin White, CSEP

Kevin has been a storyteller his entire life. That love of capturing attention and engaging people is what brought him to working with global organizations on their marketing and development efforts for nearly a quarter-century.

In 2011 he founded XPL, an award-winning experiential agency that delivers bold, powerful live events that transform audiences around the world. Clients include institutions such as Harvard Business School, non-profits such as The Special Olympics, governmental units such as the US Department of State and corporations such as Bugatti. Each brings a diverse set of needs that they entrust Kevin and his team to fulfill.

In addition to serving as an instructor for several Event Leadership Institute professional development courses —including Pandemic Meeting & Event Design and Pandemic On-Site Protocol Training — Kevin has undergone training from the World Health Organization (WHO) on mass gatherings, and has also received the Event Safety Access certification from the Event Safety Alliance.

Kevin’s commitment to his industry is demonstrated by his willingness to give back. He has been a professor at New York University and was selected by his peers to serve as the international president of the International Live Events Association (ILEA). He is currently working on his first book on innovation in experiential design and recently launched a series of entrepreneurial-based retreats around the world under the brand The Table.

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