Delivering Sponsor Value


Event planners know there is a tremendous amount of work that goes into a fundraising event. One of the critical details is keeping a keen eye on the bottom line. Event planners must stay focused on creating value for sponsors who underwrite a significant portion of event costs and funds raised.

With event planners always on the lookout for ways to raise money for their causes while keeping the operating costs low, sponsorships come into play. In this on-demand course, learn about sponsorship Return on Investment (ROI), which creates an intersecting sweet spot between your organization’s goals and the sponsor’s objectives.  

Learning Outcomes      

  •  Learn to create attractive sponsorship packages that demonstrate how your event can deliver sponsor value
  •  Gain an understanding of how to highlight unique engagement opportunities that might align with a sponsor’s goal and objectives
  •  Discover how incorporating sponsor benefits into your event can persuade sponsors to return year after year

Course Information

Estimated Time: 8 mins

CMP Credit Hours:

Michelle French

Michelle French is a storyteller at heart. Every event she produces tells a tale, delivers a message, and has an effect that continues long after the tables are cleared and the last attendee exits the venue.

The insights and skills that go into creating meaningful events had their beginnings when Michelle was a student at the Indiana University Kelly School of Business, where she majored in marketing and international studies. After working for American Airlines as part of the sales team and being present for 9/11, Michelle considered how she might use her talents to make a difference. Heading West, Michelle became the Event Manager for the California Science Center, and within six years, the company experienced rapid growth.

In 2009, Michelle founded Sunday Sol Events, where she applies the principle that her work isn’t complete with just one event but must fit into a client’s long-range plans. As Michelle works on telling the story of each organization, she focuses on the audience. Are we sending a clear message? Is there a call to action? Are we inspiring them? This unique approach is what sets Sunday Sol Events apart.

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