Lori Raimondo on Planning New Year’s Eve in Times Square


Find out what it’s like to plan one of the most watched events on the planet. Lori Raimondo talks about how planning for New Year’s Eve is a year-long process, involves dozens of city agencies and production partners, and can’t be off by even one second. Hear about the numerous lead-up PR events they produce to build buzz for the main event, as well as other events they produce during the year. Filmed on location at Gotham Hall, NYC.

Learning Outcomes

  • Get an inside view on the planning process.
  • Find out how she got into the events industry and what her career trajectory has been like, including her years producing events at MTV.
  • Hear what kind of a boss she is and how she manages her team.
  • Learn how the Times Square Alliance uses New Year’s Eve as a marketing vehicle.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 40 mins

Difficulty: Advanced

CMP Credit Hours:

Maverick Series

The Event Leadership Institute is proud to produce our exclusive Maverick Series: interviews with people who plan the biggest and most high-profile events, run the most well respected and award-winning companies, manage the biggest venues, and demonstrate thought leadership, innovation and creative thinking. Join us as these industry Mavericks share their stories, insights and guidance.

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Lori Raimondo

Lori Raimondo leads a double life. As a producer, she specializes in documentaries. As a marketing and event expert, she specializes in the entertainment and non-profit industries.

Lori has produced events as high-profile as the New Year’s Eve Ball Drop and and as intimate as local poetry readings. She has led marketing teams responsible for the branding and marketing of iconic brands like MTV and Times Square.

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