Q&A: Sharon Fisher, Play With a Purpose

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In this Event Leader Q&A webinar, Sharon Fisher, Chief Idea Sparker and CEO of Play With a Purpose, gives her insights on where the solutions to your problem really are, how content can be more powerful than comfort, and the training value of a really bad smoothie.

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Estimated Time: 56 mins

Difficulty: All

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Sharon Fisher

Sharon Fisher is a professional “experience-maker” and CEO of Play with a Purpose, the creative experiential communications company that custom designs engaging experiences to help businesses solve challenges in an innovative and compelling way. She uses the premise “work should be fun or why do it at all” as the foundation for her talks and her business.

Through her speaking and her event experiences, Sharon has successfully shared that message with powerhouses around the world such as Walt Disney World Company, Chevrolet, Camp Jeep, BBDO, Disney Publishing, American Express, Frito Lay, IBM, McDonalds and the US Airforce.

Sharon continually delights audiences around the world teaching how to design experiences that will spark thinking, increase engagement and boost retention among conference and meeting attendees. She uses her highly energetic facilitation and workshop style to flip the tired and traditional speeches on their head.


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