The Future of Events – 2019 & Beyond

In this Event Leader Q&A Webinar, Gianna Gaudini, Executive Event Producer at Google, and author of The Art of Event Planning speaks about the future of events and key things planners need to be thinking about in 2019 and beyond, as well as careers in events, tips for winning an RFP, women in events, and more.

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Estimated Time: 54 mins

Difficulty: All

Gianna Gaudini

Gianna is an experienced events industry thought leader, speaker, author, course-creator and advisor with 20+ years experience. She currently holds the position as Head of Events at Airtable, and was formerly the Head of Events for AWS, SoftBank Vision Fund, and Google Marketing Event Leader for nearly a decade of her career. Gianna is the author of Amazon best-selling book, The Art of Event Planning, and creator of the e-learning course, Million Dollar Event Planning Career. Her specialties and focus are driving global event strategy, brand awareness, diversity and inclusion, events and experiences that drive business results, brand and reputation. Gianna has a powerful platform supporting the industry as a speaker and writer and created Million Dollar Event Planning Career to share her personal strategies for how to build a career in event planning or take your current career to the next level. She is a guest speaker at the California state schools and her book is part of their hospitality program curriculum. In addition to her passion for creating impactful experiences and events, Gianna holds her Court of Master Sommeliers certification, is a certified interior designer, former concert pianist and marathon runner.

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