Understanding the Festival Generation and the Need for Live Experiences

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At the Event Innovation Forum in Los Angeles, Rehan Choudhry discussed how events are important opportunities for live person-to-person engagement, and why he founded the Life is Beautiful festival. Video from www.bizbash.com

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Rehan Choudhry

Rehan Choudhry is the founder and CEO of A Beautiful Perspective (ABP)–a next-generation media and live experience company. Rehan is also the founder of both the Emerge Music + Impact Conference and Life is Beautiful Festival, both annual events held in Las Vegas, NV.

With experience in highly creative, experiential marketing and specialties in brand experience strategies, Choudhry has worked for some of the most well-known properties, events and festivals in the world. He’s known for creating once-in-a-lifetime experiences that elevate and enliven the brands he works with.

Prior to Life is Beautiful, he was Director of Entertainment & Special Events for The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, founder of the Food Network’s Atlantic City Food and Wine Festival, and Regional Director of Marketing, Partnerships & Development for Caesars Entertainment.

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