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Be a Networking Superhero

Many of us dread networking and feel queezy at the thought of entering a room and making so-called “small talk” with strangers. What if instead you entered the room thinking about making new connections with like-minded individuals that will help you grow your professional network.

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More Than Just Fancy Acronyms!

As an Event Leader, becoming a member of a professional association related to the meetings and events industry is an important step for your career. It allows you to network with fellow industry leaders, and to grow professionally in that network. But just joining and waiting for an email or call isn’t enough…you have to drink the proverbial “kool-aid” to become fully engaged.

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Alumni Feature: Siri Brudevold

Today, Event Leadership Institute alum, Siri Brudevold, is an Event Planner at Charles Koch Institute, but her journey towards a career in events didn’t begin there. Knowing she needed to fill gaps in her experience, skills and knowledge in order to better succeed in her industry, Siri enrolled in the 10-week Event & Meeting Management Fundamentals Certificate online course at ELI.

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Effective Time Management Tips

As event planners, we handle it all—what time the tables are being delivered, what time the entertainment goes on stage, what meals are being served—don’t forget the lady at table 10 who requested a vegetarian meal. She’s already emailed three times about it! Our minds are constantly moving from one thing to the next—no wonder it’s easy to get distracted by shiny things.

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Proving Your Value with Digital Credentials

Last month I moderated a roundtable for heads of in-house event departments, and one of the main issues to arise was the challenge of proving the value of in-house planners. “Executives in my company still don’t know what we do,” said one person. “They think they could just…

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The 4 Traits of a Successful Wedding Planner

On TV or in the movies, it seems like a clever kit and a bossy demeanor is all it takes to quit your job as an accountant and become a wedding planner.  After planning and designing weddings for nearly 13 years, I can tell you that no major crisis was ever averted with the use of my…

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