One of the main reasons event professionals learn with us is to hone the skills needed to advance their event planning careers, and many of them ask us about job openings. Likewise, many industry employers reach out to us looking for good candidates to fill a variety of job positions, knowing that we strive to help event pros raise the caliber of their work to the best possible industry standards. Here, then, is our effort to help bring these two parties together.

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Upgrade Your Event Skills

In the past if you wanted to get an entry level job in events you usually brought no event skills to the table other than a passion for the industry and a good work ethic. That’s all changed now. Today’s employers are looking for new hires to hit the ground running, having mastered key event concepts and able to execute on a variety of tasks right away. This is all thanks to the growth of quality event industry training and education. Check out Event Leadership Institute’s Professional Development Courses to find one that fits your chosen area.
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