Everything You’ll Learn at ELI’s Innovation & Engagement Summit

Savvy event professionals know the importance of being future-ready. 

But with rapidly evolving event tech, audience engagement – an ongoing challenge, and a new event landscape dramatically altered by the pandemic, what do you need to know now to plan upcoming events effectively and creatively? 

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This virtual event is designed to influence, inspire and inform you about what’s next. Hear from over a dozen C-suite masters of event innovation and engagement, in a carefully curated half-day format. 

Take a peek at the Summit sessions:


1. Holograms & Virtual Stages: Alternative Ways To Present Remote Speakers

More accessible and less costly hologram technology is arriving to a wider audience which will cause an explosion of new local and regional events. Bloomberg predicts that Hologram technology will be worth $4.48 billion by 2024. Larry O’Reilly, CEO from ARHT Media will unravel how to use holograms and virtual global stages, and share how these tech innovations will continue to change the way we meet.

2. Performance Art & Cutting-edge Tech:  How Intel Engaged Virtual & In-person Audiences at CES

Taking you behind-the-scenes of the most memorable moments from the all-digital CES® 2021 and most recently, Intel’s grand return to in-person at CES 2022 is Victor Torregroza, Experiences & Events Program Manager.  He will share how a digital-first approach with purposeful moments can truly reach key audiences.    

3. Hot or Hype? NFTs, Smart Glasses, Facial Recognition, Blockchain, Metaverse & More: Dissecting the Latest Innovations & Their Implications for Events

Nothing captures our collective imagination quite like emerging technologies. But as quickly as innovations such as gamification become part of our everyday, other promising tech like Google Glasses fade into obscurity. Will Curran, DES, Founder & Chief Event Einstein at Endless Events and Brandt Krueger, Technical Producer and Instructor for ELI will present a not-to-miss rapid fire discussion with tons of audience interaction.

4. The Metaverse Deconstructed: Event Applications & Best Practices

Once home to scientists in Sci-Fi or Superhero movies, the Metaverse is the next big thing in events. 20-year virtual reality veteran Danny Stefanic, CEO of MootUp, takes a deep dive into the Metaverse and its uses and applications for your events and your clients. 

5. New Business Models for the Events Industry

With predictions that 40 percent of events will remain online, we have to consider different revenue streams to remain successful. Marco Giberti, co-author of “Reinventing Live: The Always-On Future of Events,” talks about opportunities for event organizers to leverage technology and innovation and create new business models for their events.


1. Using Empathy Mapping To Understand Audience Behavior & Customize Engagement

The ability to develop empathy is at the very foundation of design thinking, and the disciplines focused on customer experience design. Naomi Clare Crellin, Founder & CEO at StoryCraft Lab, will share how to develop a deeper understanding of your audiences and what it truly “feels like to be them.”

2. Cracking the Code on Facilitated Networking (Virtual & In-person)

Virtual networking was never as strong as it typically is at in-person events. So how can we improve it? Smriti Bansal, Head of Content from e180 and CEO at Braindate™, will show you how to boost lead generation and business development through facilitated networking at live, virtual, and hybrid events. 

3. Thinking Like a Futurist: Nurturing an Innovation Mindset in Your Team

Preparing for the future isn’t about saying with certainty, “this is what is going to happen,” but about being primed and ready for, “what if this happens” and “so what?”Beth Surmont, CAE, CMP, Vice President of Event Strategy & Design with 360 Live, will explain how a simple mindset shift sets up event planners to be predictors of the future with strategic thinking.  

4. Reinventing Your Signature Event: An Innovation Methodology Blueprint

The pandemic has fundamentally changed the way people value their time. To attract and engage attendees at your event, it’s time to redesign old processes and create the case for change. Matt Homann, CEO and Founder of Filament, will explain how to reinvent your signature event with an extraordinarily simple approach that helps people think, meet, and learn together better. 

5. Case a Spell for Happy Attendees: Become an Engagement Wizard 

Spending just 15 minutes listening to Dahlia El Gazzar, DES, altMBA, ECC, EWD, Founder & CEO at DAHLIA+Agency, will change you forever! Dust out your magic wand and learn some tricks about how to create happy attendees, the key to happy sponsors and successful events.

6. Designing Your Event for Maximum Engagement: Case Studies From the Cutting Edge Panel Discussion

The fight for audience attention is fierce! Learn from our panel on how to get that winning touch – engagement –  and distinguish yourself. Hosted by Tammy Kockaya, Chief Strategy & Growth Officer at ELI with Panelists including Sophie Ahmed, SVP Market Strategy at Hubilo and Chandra Champion, MSSA, CNM, Conference and Events Director at National WIC Association 

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