Elise Bechard

VP Operations/Client Relations, JCALPRO, Inc.

Elise Bechard has owned and operated a sales franchise in several counties in New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts while generating over $1.5 million in personal and office sales. She has worked for JCALPRO, Inc. at the BCEC, Hynes Convention Center, among other locations, since 2005. With a proven track record in hiring, training, and managing over 200 sales reps and employees, Elise has proven to be an integral member of the JCALPRO Operations team.

Elise has sat on the board of directors and holds memberships for the New England chapter of the International Special Event Society (ISES), Meeting Professionals International (MPI), Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA), Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce (GBCC) and Massachusetts Chamber of Business and Industry (MassCBI).

Courses from Elise Bechard: