Kevin White is the head of the Boston-based, award-winning experiential event agency XPL. He has been working with global organizations on their marketing and development efforts for nearly a quarter century. As veterans of the experiential industry, Kevin and his team of producers have helped these organizations to develop strategies for their target audiences, assess communication plans to deliver their messaging and then implement development events that engage, strengthen and energize groups.

Clients have brought XPL’s production skill to bear on five continents. Those clients include institutions such as Harvard Business School, non-profits such as The Special Olympics, governmental units such as the US Department of State and corporations such as Bugatti. Each brings a diverse set of needs that they entrust Kevin and his team to fulfill.

When not working on client projects, Kevin is a sought after keynote presenter and podcast guest. He has been a professor at NYU and is currently teaching at the Event Leadership Institute. Kevin is currently working on his first book on innovation in experiential design and has recently launched a series of entrepreneurial-based retreats around the world under the brand The Table.