Michelle French

Principal, Sunday Sol Events

Michelle French is a storyteller at heart. Every event she produces tells a tale, delivers a message, and has an effect that continues long after the tables are cleared and the last attendee exits the venue.

In 2009, Michelle founded Sunday Sol Events. At Sunday Sol Events, Michelle applies the principle that her work isn’t complete with just one event, but must fit into a client’s long range plans. A great deal of thought goes into the process. She examines goals and helps identify the type of attendee the client hopes to attract. She considers innovations to address current problems the group seeks to solve as well as expansion to meet future needs. As Michelle works on telling the story of each organization, she focuses on the audience. Are we sending a clear message? Is there a call to action? Are we inspiring them? This unique approach is what sets Sunday Sol Events apart.

And what is the experience like for Michelle’s clients? She recognizes that many organizations depend on volunteers, and she works closely with those generous people whose hearts are fully engaged in the job. She never forgets what it means to them, and to the people they’re trying to help. Always calm, always organized, detailed, and fully prepared, Michelle can react to the unexpected with creativity and grace.