Facilitating Curated Event Experiences: How Thinking Small Delivers Big Returns

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In this session, you’ll learn how to satisfy the growing appetite for attendee experiences that are customized and curated. We’ll discuss how to facilitate the formation of smaller interest groups within larger events that create a sense of connection and community that today’s attendees crave. We’ll also explore ways to personalize marketing campaigns, reduce friction throughout the attendee journey, ideate more compelling event content and better survey attendees about their experience – all with the intent of (cost-effectively) serving up a more contextual experience that drives engagement and loyalty. 

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Estimated Time: 46 min

Difficulty: All

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Kimberly Hardcastle Geddes

Kimberly Hardcastle Geddes is an industry expert with a focus on education and strategic marketing.  As the current president and chief strategist for MGL, Kimberly leverages her extensive experience to develop and execute effective communication and marketing plans. Her expertise in strategic planning, creative execution, and collaborative marketing makes her an invaluable asset to leading event management companies nationwide. 

With a genuine passion for education, Kimberly brings her industry knowledge and instructional expertise to empower individuals and facilitate their growth.

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