ELI Programs For Higher Education & Instructors

The Event Leadership Institute is pleased to offer innovative support programs and resources for Higher Education Institutions, and for qualified instructors of college or university courses on event planning and management, meeting planning, hospitality, or other related topics. The Event Leadership Institute's program is an ideal supplement or replacement for a course textbook.

ELI In Your Classroom

The education team at ELI has create a customized, discounted student subscription that runs the duration of your semester. Your students sign up for this, which gives them access to the various videos from our Class Library and Maverick Series Interviews that we recommend for your syllabus. Some schools pay for their students' subscriptions, while others have their students purchase them individually.


Better Than A Textbook

If you wanted to learn something today, it's doubtful you'd go to the library to take out a textbook.  Chances are you'd go online and search for a well-curated video or an insightful article to explain your question.  Our programs work in the same way, and provide several benefits:

  • Video is generally a more engaging medium than text, and event planning, in particular, is a very visual industry. It's much easier to understand a particular lighting effect, for example, by seeing before and after images of that effect in action at a real venue, than to read about it in a textbook.
  • Subject matter experts bring a topic to life. Whereas textbooks tend to be the voice of a single author, we reach out to top industry experts to help teach various topics.  All our instructors are active industry leaders and professionals, and watching and listening to them explain their material is far more engaging than reading it on a page
  • Our material is extremely current. Reprinting a textbook is a big job, so when a new topic comes out, like say Projection Mapping, it may be a while before a new version of the textbook is available to include it. By contrast, we can simply update a chapter of a given class video to include the latest developments.

Solutions & Programs For Higher Education

Howard Givner Instructional Videos Event Leadership Institute

Instructional Videos

Today's students learn how to do things by watching YouTube videos, and would rather SEE an industry expert demonstrate the effect of event lighting than READ about it in a textbook. Events, after all, are a visual medium, and students will be more engaged if they're able to experience the subject matter in as visual of a way as possible. With our Collegiate Program, you can choose from a wide selection of our On-Demand Video Class Library, or send us your syllabus and we'll make course suggestions for you.

Event Leadership Institute

Video Insights From Mega Events

Fashion Week. The Super Bowl. White House State Dinners. The NYC Marathon. New Year's Eve in Times Square. Our Maverick Series videos provide students a window into what it takes to produce and plan these mega events, how people in charge got to where they are today, and what it's like to work for them.

Careers Website

Job Tip & Career Insight Videos

What do employers look for in an event planning job candidate? What is it like to work in events at a global agency like BKA or in-house at the Chicago Tribune? Agency owners, corporate department heads and other hiring executives share their insights on what it takes to land a job and succeed at their companies.

Event Planning Courses for Colleges Event Leadership Institute

Case Studies from Award Winning Events

Utilize our growing library of mini case studies from actual events, many of which have won industry awards! We'll provide information on the client, event goals, budget, attendee profile and other details for you to assign to your students to brainstorm ideas. Then you can share what approach the actual producers took and why, and discuss results.

Discussion website

Discussion Questions

We can provide a set of discussion questions for each video you assign that you can use for in class dialogue, homework assessments, or to verify students watched the assigned videos.

Explore Ideas For Your Classroom

Would you like to learn more about our programs for higher education? Schedule a meeting to discuss your program's needs and how Event Leadership Institute might be able to help. Click the button below to schedule your free no-obligation consultation today!

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What Skills Do Today's Employers Look For?

The Event Leadership Institute conducted a survey and a series of video interviews with heads of in-house event departments, owners of event agencies, and other hiring professionals to identify the skills and personality traits they look for in new hires, and where educators may be falling short in preparing them. The result is a 32-minute on-demand video class, Teaching Event Management: The Skills Today's Employers Look For. The content was originally presented at the ICHRIE (International Council on Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Education) annual conference by Howard Givner, founder & director of the Event Leadership Institute, and Carol Krugman MEd, CMP, CMM, Chair of the Department of Hospitality, Tourism & Events at the Metropolitan State University of Denver.