Event Accessibility Strategist

Event Accessibility Strategist Certificate

Learning Outcomes

We designed this course to provide you and your team with the knowledge, skills, and know-how to transform your in-person and digital events so they are welcoming, accessible, and inclusive for every body.

  • Create a commonsense approach to event accessibility.
  • Determine which accessibility protocols to include in venue & supplier RFPs, and identify criteria for evaluating responses.
  • Understand and apply key concepts from the WCAG (Website Content Accessibility Guidelines) to all digital content, including registration sites, presentation slides, etc.
  • Develop an Event Accessibility Policy & Checklist for your organization’s in-person and virtual meetings & events.
  • Develop a training guide for on-site event staff on best practices for interacting with disabled attendees.

Who should invest in this course?

This course is designed to support events industry professionals like you!

  • Event team leaders looking to develop an Event Accessibility Policy for their organization.
  • Virtual event planners who want to ensure their webinars and virtual events meet digital accessibility standards. 
  • Event producers who need to train on-site staff on best practices for interacting with disabled guests.
  • Site selection professionals looking to include accessibility protocols in their RFPs.
  • Event & meeting designers looking to integrate accessibility protocols into their floor plans and room designs.

Joshua Klipp, Founder & Principal, Made Welcome & Accessibility Expert

Josh is the Founder and Principal of Made Welcome, an accessibility consulting firm focused on accessibility at workplaces and events. Prior to founding Made Welcome, Josh practiced law for 16 years, specializing in the Americans with Disabilities Act. He is also a Certified Access Specialist (CASp No. 812) through California’s Division of the State Architect and is certified to provide guidance on accessibility in the built environment. 

After practicing law for nearly 2 decades, Josh left litigating to do all things disability for one of the world’s largest tech companies, Salesforce. At Salesforce, Josh set up and implemented the reasonable accommodations process for Salesforce’s 15,000 employees in the United States and Canada. He also created and implemented the first accessibility initiative for Dreamforce, the world’s largest tech conference – an accessibility strategy that Dreamforce continues to implement today. Because of his experience in workplaces and events, Josh understands the challenges and nuances faced by employers, event producers and venues. On nights and weekends, Josh moonlights with his band, the Klipptones, and is a volunteer Planting Leader with Friends of the Urban Forest.

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Course Syllabus

Module 1: Prep Work (ADA Basics & Intersection with DE&I)

  • What is a disability
  • Some facts about disability
  • Pre-ADA experience of having a disability
  • What the ADA changed
  • The ADA today (digital/lawsuits)

Module 2: Preparation is Everything

  • Three Scenarios for Various Sized Events
  • 3 T’s: Top (down) + Team + Time
  • Venue Selection (RFP)
  • Digital Platform Selection
  • Vendor Selection

Module 3: Prepare to Launch (and Build a Great Toolkit)

  • Inclusive and Accessible Event Marketing 
  • On-site Considerations: The Toolkit! 
    • Mobility
    • Vision (blind, vision impairments)
    • Hearing (deaf, reduced hearing)
    • Invisible (neurodiverse, food allergies, dyslexia, and others)
    • Temporary/Situational Considerations

Module 4: Digital Access & Opening / Closing Day

  • Accessibility for Digital Events & Presentations
  • Pre-Show Layout Review & Walk-Through
  • Post-Event Surveys & Reporting

Module 5: Training is Key for On-Site Execution

  • Staff Training
  • Security: best practices for security screening of persons with disabilities
  • Vendor training/expectations/access guide and FAQ
  • Catering: best practices for setting up / serving to achieve equal access

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