Reinventing Your Signature Event: Lessons Learned from the Field

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This session will unpack real-world case studied of how organizations reimagined their signature events to meet the new needs of their audience. From identifying areas for improvement to developing a comprehensive redesign plan, we’ll examine the challenges, strategies, and key steps taken to transform this signature event into a success story. Whether you’re a seasoned event planner or just starting out, this session will provide valuable information and inspiration for transforming your events into engaging experiences that resonate with your audience.

Learning Objectives:

• Adopt a simple approach to assessing audience needs and interpret feedback.

• Collaborate with key stakeholders to create a cohesive vision for the event.

• Navigate potential roadblocks, and create a flexible model that grows with your needs.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 45 min

CMP Credit Hours:

Course Domains:

Beth Surmont

Beth Surmont is obsessed with events. With on-the-ground experience spanning more than 20 years in corporate and non-profit events and trade shows; and as the current Vice President of Event Strategy & Design at 360 Live Media; Beth is an influential designer in shaping what the next era of events will be. Her approach of audience-centered design combined with purposeful intention is the secret to creating meaningful and impactful events that advance the organization and accelerate the industry it serves. It’s Beth’s job to be a project manager, experience designer, content curator, storyteller, motivator, leader, behind-the-scenes cheerleader, logistics director, contract negotiator, researcher, trend analyzer, innovator, visionary, partner, builder, thinker, problem-solver, entrepreneur, and customer service specialist, sometimes all within the space of a single day. Beth was recently listed as one of BizBash’s 500 Most Influential People in Events for 2021.

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Sara E. Morris

Sara Elizabeth Morris specializes in planning both corporate and boutique events from Los Angeles to New York City. She is currently the Director of Meetings & Events at the American Association of Clinical Endocrinology (AACE) where she works to develop and conceptualize the association’s educational conferences. In this position, she works to curate innovative experiences that inspire community, connection, and creativity!  

Previously, Sara was the Head Operations & Production for a technology events company, DevNetwork. Additionally, she has extensive knowledge in the political arena as she served as Press Secretary for state representatives and a Program Manager for a D.C. based transportation lobby association. 

An Indiana native, Sara has lived coast-to-coast including, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Los Angeles and now Tampa.  

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Leah Jones

Leah Jones is the Sr. Director, Meetings & Events at the Auto Care Association and has been active as a committee chair and member on various PCMA Capital Chapter committees and ASAE’s Meetings & Events council over the years. She is an ASAE DELP (Diversity, Executive, Leadership Program) scholar alum, class of 2014-2016.  
She is a graduate of the University of Maryland but, in committing heresy, is a Duke basketball fan. Passionate about bringing people together and carrying a consummate hospitality mindset, Leah also keeps herself busy with volunteering with her church and the school and various sports/activity groups of her three boys, Lucian, Matias, & Sebastian.  

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