Duty of Care Statement

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Event organizers should draft and share a duty of care statement for each event to ensure attendees’ physical and mental wellbeing. Many duty of care statements have been updated specifically to address the current COVID-19 pandemic. Use this template with best practices, suggested sections to include, and sample duty of care statements from recent events as a model for your own duty of care statement.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand best practices for what should be included in a duty of care statement
  • Review sample duty of care agreements to develop your guidelines

This Resource covers a small portion of what is needed to plan and prepare modified on-site event strategy, design, execution, and evaluation. We’ve developed Pandemic Meeting & Event Design, an entire online certificate course — eligible for 20 CMP hours too! — designed to help planners develop and design well-informed, future-forward events. Develop a clear thought process to find the answers for your organization, clients, and attendees in our next course starting soon!

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