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Alternative or unique venues (e.g. private clubs, lofts, cultural facilities, art galleries, etc.) are increasingly marketing themselves to event planners as options for meetings and special events. When used appropriately, these spaces offer numerous advantages, from increased attendance, to lower costs, to more unique events. But they don’t make it easy for you. Each type of space presents its own potential problems, such as meddling boards, technical limitations, unexpected insurance issues, and quirky rules and regulations, and rarely are these things disclosed up front. Learn how to use different types of alternative venues to your advantage while avoiding these unexpected pitfalls.

Filmed on location at Sentry Centers Midtown East.

Learning Outcomes

  • Have the ability to identify numerous types of alternative venues along with an understanding of the pros and cons of each.
  • Have the ability to accurately gauge capacity at alternative venues. (It’s not just about the room’s square footage).
  • Be able to determine how various types of alternative venues can be used to increase attendance, lower costs, and make events more unique.
  • Understand unique technical considerations and how to be prepared in advance for them.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 42 mins

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Adam Sloyer

As CEO and co-founder of Sequence, Adam leads Team SEQ to deliver big agency results with boutique-style customer service. Since its launch in 2011, Sequence has quickly risen to the forefront of its field, collaborating with global brands to communicate their messages through the power of live events.  The company has been recognized with a multitude of awards, and has produced events in over 25 cities, across ten countries, on four continents.

A leader among his peers, Adam has been named to Special Event Magazine’s “30 under 40” list of event industry game-changers, and has guest lectured for Cornell University and the Event Leadership Institute. He’s served as President of the International Live Events Agency’s New York Chapter and is also a graduate of Goldman Sachs’ 10,000 Small Businesses. Adam co-founded Sequence after a distinguished turn at Global Events where he ascended to Chief Executive Officer of North America in just three short years and led the firm to win more than 20 industry awards.


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