Angie Smith Explains the Pandemic’s Transformational Effect on Events

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Hear insights and takeaways on how a tech company planned a digital event before the pandemic, and adapted to changing dynamics in this on-demand course featuring Angie Smith, Head of Global Events and Field Marketing at Atlassian with Brandt Kruger from the Event Leadership Institute. 

Learning Outcomes

  • The role of strategic decision making to identify known-unknowns and consider attendee safety and adapt to evolving conditions
  • Deliver what attendees are looking for in virtual events
  • Understand and mitigate event day challenges
  • Develop contingency plans
  • Discover and unleash the true potential of virtual events

Course Information

Estimated Time: 50 mins

CMP Credit Hours:

This on-demand course is just the beginning of what it takes to develop, plan and manage a virtual event. We’ve developed Virtual Event & Meeting Management, an entire online certificate course — eligible for 20 CMP hours too! — designed to help planners build on their existing event management skillset and experience. Learn the fundamentals of planning virtual events with our next course starting soon!

Brandt Krueger

As a first generation personal computer user since the age of 6, technology is part of Brandt’s DNA. Combine that DNA with a degree in Technical Theatre and a core in Psychology, add in almost 20 years experience in the meetings and events industry, and you get a powerful event technology cocktail.

In addition to being published on numerous websites such as,, and the Convention Industry Council, he has landed articles in trade publications such as Meetings and Conventions Magazine and Insurance & Financial Meetings Management Magazine. He’s spoken at various industry events such as Collinson Collaborate, BizBash’s Elevate, MPI’s World Education Congress, FICP’s Education Forum, Event Camp (London, Chicago, and Middle East), and even a one week intensive for government ministers and guests on producing large scale events in Turkmenistan.

He currently teaches many public and private classes through the Event Leadership Institute, and is the owner of Event Technology Consulting, an appropriately named company that provides meeting and event technology consulting services.

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Angie Smith

Angie Smith, Head of Global Events and Field Marketing at Atlassian is passionate about creating engaging attendee experiences. She believes it takes a highly collaborative leader to develop functional and high performing teams to deliver interactive and motivating event experiences. 

Prior to joining Atlassian, she pioneered the first true hybrid event design across 100+ countries and 23 time zones — engaging 20k people. In her career as an event marketer across multiple disciplines, Angie is committed to inspiring new talent and promoting the power of interactive and measurable experiences, and how to amplify those experiences with a thoughtful and informed strategic decision making plan. She has offered her expertise and insights into emerging best practices around event and marketing communications campaign development in various publications including Event Marketer Magazine, BtoB Magazine, Special Events, Virtual Edge, Successful Meetings, 1:1 Magazine.

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