Attracting & Engaging Next-Generation Event Attendees

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For the 20–44-year-old Next Gen Event Goer (NGEG), events need to demonstrate clear value and provide opportunities for professional growth. NGEG doesn’t see professional development in the same ways as other generations. This session will breakdown research to help you design and deliver events that are more authentic, more personalized, and most importantly, speak to their career aspirations.

Learning Objectives:

• Gain insights on how consumer sentiment, behavior, and intentions are evolving and their impact on event strategies.
• Align different attendee and sponsor/exhibitor segments’ intent and behavior with event planning and production.
• Optimize content, digital, and event marketing channels to deliver year-round value that exceed engagement expectations.  

Course Information

Estimated Time: 47 min

CMP Credit Hours:

Course Domains:

Ken Holsinger

Ken Holsinger leads the data practice at Freeman bringing together teams that are building innovative data tools for integration and business intelligence, with data consulting, research, and industry benchmarking. These teams work with clients all over the world to drive decisions, improve results and measure their marketing efforts. Ken has over 25 years of experience in technology, media and event production as a lead executive, consultant, and speaker. He has served on the executive team in various roles for several different organizations. In addition, he has a background in event management, facility design, and start-up operations. Ken has been named on multiple hardware, software and process patents.

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