The Launching Pad: Building Your Event Business (EEBF-OD) | Start Date On-Demand

Length: 6 Modules | 12 weeks
Content Instructor: Howard Givner, Event Leadership Institute
Facilitating Instructor: Heather Mason, Caspian Agency

The Launching Pad: Building Your Event Business

The Launching Pad: Building Your Event Business is designed for event professionals who are launching their own event business or those with an existing business looking to develop fundamental business skills. This course is ideal for professionals looking for an efficient and comprehensive introduction to key business fundamentals.

When starting a company, having a solid foundation in business acumen is crucial for success. By the end of The Launching Pad: Building Your Event Business, you will learn key competencies that are required for getting your business off the ground, from creating an initial business strategy and actionable goals to drafting budgets and obtaining financing. You’ll also learn about marketing strategies, effective pricing methods, how to obtain your first clients, and much more.


  • Draft a business plan that focuses on identifying your business niche, target markets and customers, product and service offerings, pricing strategy, and competitive positioning, as well as setting goals you’d like to achieve.
  • Understand fundamental sales skills, including prospecting for new clients, evaluating and responding to RFPs, designing proposals, and delivering compelling presentations.
  • Consider marketing, advertising, and public relations options.
  • Evaluate the primary financial performance of your business by reviewing profit & loss statements, balance sheets, budgets, and other vital financial documents.

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