Event Design: Color Theory and Visual Thinking

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Producing a visually pleasing event that truly impresses seen-it-all attendees can be a daunting task. Adding to the pressure, today’s event designers are expected to incorporate color scheme into food and beverage, technology, and branding and find additional innovative ways to use color to create unique focal points, use lighting to make a space feel more intimate, as well as carry over the color scheme in production templates and audio visual dress kits. Do you have that visual, creative edge? Or, at a minimum, can you intelligently “talk the color talk” with creative vendors in order to convey your vision.

This course covers the key principles of using color in modern event design and how to introduce a wide range of color blends into your next design concept, such as floral, furniture, lighting, branded accents, entertainment, technology and others. Discover how to identify harmonious color opportunities to create custom fabrication pieces that are unique focal points for guests. By the end of this colorful event course you will be able to communicate your design concept through the language of color with your clients and vendors, and ensure vendors can execute your design vision.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the key principles of color in modern event design, and how to identify a color scheme and understand the visual balance it offers in your event design concept that achieves the clients’ goals and create an incredible wow factor
  •  Learn how to use color science to create a wide range of visual elements into your color design concept, including flowers, furniture, lighting, branded sponsor accents, entertainment, technology, and others
  • Identify opportunities for creating customized harmonious color schemes that can be unique focal points for guests, which helps to set yourself apart from others
  • Learn how to communicate the color design concept through the language of color with your clients and vendors, and how to ensure vendors can execute your design vision

Course Information

Estimated Time: 35 mins

CMP Credit Hours:

Lindsay Landman

New York based event designer Lindsay Landman has been producing innovative galas, weddings and special events in New York and around the globe since 2001. Her company, Lindsay Landman Events, is a market leader in the unique integration of event planning, design and production.

Lindsay is the planner of choice for the country’s most influential business and technology leaders who regularly seek her creative touch balanced with her strong focus on thoughtful and detailed execution. She thrives on designing complicated multi-day celebrations, building unique and challenging event environments and debunking the complex puzzles of advanced event production. 

She is an experienced event industry educator and sought-after speaker who has addressed elite audiences at Engage!, BizBash Elevate, The Knot Pro and others on the topics of event design, wedding planning, leadership, business development and branding. Harper’s BAZAAR and BRIDES have each named Lindsay Landman Events on their lists of the best wedding planners in the world.

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