Lighting 101

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Lighting is often described as one of the most critical elements to a successful event, yet one that is usually misunderstood and often poorly implemented. Whether it’s specialty lighting designed to create a certain mood and transform a room, or task lighting critical to executing key functional areas of an event, good lighting can make the difference between mediocrity and success. Filmed on location at Sentry Centers Midtown East.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn to contrast different lighting instruments (such as PARs, Lekos, Fresnels, LED’s, etc.) and identify what lighting needs require which ones.
  • Understand the components that make up lighting instruments, and how different lenses impact the beam spread and usage.
  • Learn how to interact with your lighting vendor in the most cost-effective way, as well as common mistakes most planners make when it comes to lighting.
  • Learn the key factors often overlooked when integrating lighting into a given venue.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 58 mins

CMP Credit Hours:

Course Domains:

Richard Tatum

Richard Tatum developed a passion for lighting at the age of 16 and, 30 years later, continues to maintain, develop, and enjoy that passion for theatrical lighting and the creative possibilities of light. He has designed and produced the lighting and/or technical production logistics for over 3000 events in his professional career including numerous theatre and modern dance productions and hundreds of special events. Private parties, corporate presentations, marketing and public relations promotions, concerts, festivals, film and television premiere receptions, and numerous life milestone celebrations have and continue to be a part of Richard’s ongoing work. His designs have been seen and enjoyed at special destination events around the U.S. Throughout the NYC metropolitan area, he has designed for the most illustrious and famous hotels and event spaces, the most intimate of black box theatre spaces, the grandest of performing arts facilities, and numerous private residences throughout the Hamptons, Long Island, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

Alongside his ongoing design and oversight of events throughout the year, he continues to actively research and add to his knowledge base the latest ideas and creative and technological possiblities of light and visual design.

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