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For the last three decades, traditional marketing has watched as the percentage of experiential in the mix has simply exploded. Then, in short order, it has imploded. Reaching clients in physical B2B and B2C environments is now a tricky situation that has companies reevaluating their marketing channel spends and forcing them to rethink traditional models of client touch points. By talking to agency leads and in house marketing managers, this webinar will uncover the challenges facing marketing teams, the impacts the virus will have on experiential budgets, track the shifts marketing teams are contemplating and forecast what marketing may look like in the years to come.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Updates on the status of marketing efforts in the near term
  • Insight into how agencies are pivoting with their clients
  • Develop an outline of the future for experiential marketing

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Course Information

Estimated Time: 73 min

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Course Instructors

Andrew Naylor

Experiential marketing professional with more than 15 years experience connecting consumers with brands through the power of live experiences – of all size and scale. Experience includes consumer electronics, retail, food & beverage and beauty. Part-time husband, father and now teacher. On the constant quest to merge work and life. Philly fan that grew up in New England, so am optimistic and pessimistic simultaneously.

Charlotte Pedersen CMP

A twenty year global event marketing leader, Charlotte Pedersen, CMP currently serves at the director of Global Events for Indeed - the world’s number one job site. Throughout her career she has worked for non-profits, associations, real estate and global technology companies. At Indeed, she built, developed and scaled the global event marketing program from one planner, in one country doing a dozen events to 26 globally dispersed planners, delivering 500+ events across 16 countries. She resides in Austin, Texas with her husband, John, of 11 years, 2 very active boys, Carter (7) & Caden (3) and their beloved vizsla, Stella.

Kevin White

Kevin White is the head of the Boston-based, award-winning experiential event agency XPL. He has been working with global organizations on their marketing and development efforts for nearly a quarter century. As veterans of the experiential industry, Kevin and his team of producers have helped these organizations to develop strategies for their target audiences, assess communication plans to deliver their messaging and then implement development events that engage, strengthen and energize groups.

Clients have brought XPL’s production skill to bear on five continents. Those clients include institutions such as Harvard Business School, non-profits such as The Special Olympics, governmental units such as the US Department of State and corporations such as Bugatti. Each brings a diverse set of needs that they entrust Kevin and his team to fulfill.

When not working on client projects, Kevin is a sought after keynote presenter and podcast guest. He has been a professor at NYU and is currently teaching at the Event Leadership Institute. Kevin is currently working on his first book on innovation in experiential design and has recently launched a series of entrepreneurial-based retreats around the world under the brand The Table.

Tim Hayes

Tim Hayes is a live event producer, aviator, business founder, and human rights activist based in New York City. Tim has created large scale global events for UNICEF, Amnesty International, Sandy Hook Promise, and other leading NGOs.
He has led negotiations for the release of political prisoners of conscience in Russia and was instrumental in launching Havel’s Place in St. Patrick’s Park in Dublin to memorialize Vaclav Havel’s velvet revolution; the non-violent transition of power in what was then Czechoslovakia.

Tim founded Productions New York LLC in 2006. Earlier in his career he worked as a production executive at the Walt Disney Company / ABC. Prior to that, Tim toured the world with artists such as U2, Guns and Roses, Bon Jovi, The Who, and Van Halen settling each show and promoting human rights and democracy around the globe.