Market Transformation Series: Incentives (Recorded April 20, 2020)

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The world’s current pandemic is showing no preference for which industries it impacts. In the experiential industry, we anxiously wait for this pause to end. But what happens if your segment sits at the crossroads of several other major industries? The Incentive market is often uniquely reliant upon long distance travel, tourism, hospitality and government restrictions. Add to that the unique psychological characteristics of them as well as the corporate optics, and you have a road to recovery that will be very difficult to navigate.

This discussion will take a look at the Incentive ecosystem holistically, from client to supplier, and uncover not only the size of the current situation, but to analyze the path out and the future that awaits this key industry segment.

Learning Outcomes

• Assess the current impacts on internal and external incentive business
• Determine how to adjust your incentive model to fit today’s climate
• Develop a realistic market segment roadmap for the foreseeable future