Pandemic-Era Site Inspection Checklist

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From branded masks to open-air setups to touchless technology, nearly every part of event planning has been reinvented this past year to adapt to a COVID-19 world — and the site inspection process is no exception. 

As vaccination rates increase, venues are slowly reopening, albeit with modified, coronavirus-era policies and procedures. To ensure that an event will be executed safely, seamlessly, and successfully, it’s more important than ever for meeting planners and event managers to ask the right questions during site tours, whether they are conducted in person or virtually.

Learning Outcomes

  • Discover seven essential questions to ask at a site inspection
  • Learn about proper ventilation, airflow requirements and humidity levels for safer events
  • Understand recommendations for on-site testing protocols

This Resource covers a small portion of what is needed to plan and prepare modified on-site event strategy, design, execution, and evaluation. We’ve developed Pandemic Meeting & Event Design, an entire online certificate course — eligible for 20 CMP hours too! — designed to help planners develop and design well-informed, future-forward events. Develop a clear thought process to find the answers for your organization, clients, and attendees in our next course starting soon!

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