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Imagine your dream event experience… then build it with Cadence, the all-in-one event platform for virtual, live, and hybrid events.

In the last seven years, Cadence has released over 16 customizable features that address every area of need for an event organization and its attendees across desktop web, iOS, and Android apps.

What makes Cadence different from other event platforms?

Apart from the design of the platform, the endless customization options, and a support team that will understand your vision, Cadence is a platform for all events throughout the year—and the year after that. Organizations can have their users, speakers, customers, companies, materials, surveys, and events at the account level. You can create a rhythm—an event cadence—no matter how many events you host a year.

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Watch a video test drive of the platform, including the attendee, planner, exhibitor/sponsor and presenter perspectives. 

Once you’ve reviewed the Event Tech Test Drive videos, we want to hear from you! What did you like? What could be added? What platforms would you like to see next? Share your feedback with us!

Course Information

Estimated Time: 46 mins

Liz (King) Caruso

Liz is an Event Strategist, Consultant and Speaker. As CEO of Liz King Events and techsytalk, she has helped countless thought leaders grow their audience and sell their products through in-person, virtual & hybrid events. Liz is a big-picture person – passionate about tying events into an overall sales and marketing strategy and being efficient at every point of the process. Technology is her niche and she’s obsessed with helping organizations of every size leverage technology to produce more engaging & seamless event experiences.

In addition to her client work, Liz connects & educates her industry colleagues through platforms she has built – techsytalk GLOBAL, the techsytalk community & IGNITE Consulting program.

Liz has been featured as Eventex’s 50 Most Innovative Virtual Meeting Planners, Successful Meetings list of 25 Most Influential People in the Meetings Industry, Top 5 Women in Event Tech, amongst other awards. 

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