Strategic Event Audience Engagement: Design Engaging and Attractive Event Experiences

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Events have enormous potential – from both a revenue and ROI perspective and an attendee experience perspective. The problem is that many organizations are wasting that opportunity by not thinking intentionally and creatively about how to engage attendees during the experience. 

This micro-course will help you discover the potential in your event – what it could be doing but isn’t – and apply different audience engagement tools and strategies to move more quickly toward impact for your company and the audience. 

Learning Objectives

As a result of this micro-course, you will be able to: 

  • Generate a more engaging, intentional event design 
  • Implement strategies for identifying your event’s potential, purpose, and audience 
  • Use the provided 360 Media templates to identify opportunities and solve challenges. (While provided throughout the course, these templates are also available for download in the last module.)   

Course Information

Estimated Time: 55 min

CMP Credit Hours:

Beth Surmont

Beth Surmont is obsessed with events. With on-the-ground experience spanning more than 20 years in corporate and non-profit events and trade shows; and as the current Vice President of Event Strategy & Design at 360 Live Media; Beth is an influential designer in shaping what the next era of events will be. Her approach of audience-centered design combined with purposeful intention is the secret to creating meaningful and impactful events that advance the organization and accelerate the industry it serves. It’s Beth’s job to be a project manager, experience designer, content curator, storyteller, motivator, leader, behind-the-scenes cheerleader, logistics director, contract negotiator, researcher, trend analyzer, innovator, visionary, partner, builder, thinker, problem-solver, entrepreneur, and customer service specialist, sometimes all within the space of a single day. Beth was recently listed as one of BizBash’s 500 Most Influential People in Events for 2021.

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