Virtual Fundraising Event Management Certificate (VFEM-FA21) | Fall 2021

Course Information

Estimated Time: 4 Weeks

Difficulty: Advanced

Virtual Fundraising Event Management Certificate

Non-profits are canceling, rethinking, and transforming their planned fundraising events, with many deciding to take their events online. Virtual fundraisers can be a successful way to keep bringing in essential revenue and continue connecting with donors – if planned strategically. This course is designed to provide non-profit organizations with the knowledge, guidance, and tools required to successfully transition live fundraising events to virtual environments.


  • Gain an understanding of best practices for virtual fundraising events.
  • Develop a virtual fundraising event strategy that includes the key elements to make them successful.
  • Learn how to transform traditional galas to an online format and how to use other non-traditional event structures to maximize fundraising opportunities now and to move forward.
  • Understand how to balance organizational needs with the demands of creating positive guest experiences.

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