Wedding & Event Design (WED-WI20)

Producing an aesthetically pleasing wedding or event that truly impresses seen-it-all attendees can be a daunting task. Adding to the pressure, today’s event designers are expected to incorporate food and beverage, technology, and branding and find innovative ways to play with color, create unique focal points, use lighting to make a space feel more intimate, and select florals that don’t max out the budget. Do you have the creative edge? Or, at a minimum, can you intelligently “talk the talk” with creative vendors in order to convey your vision?

This course covers the key principles of modern event design including how to create a design concept that achieves the client’s goals, meets their budget, and can be executed in the venue with the time allotted. Implement a wide range of elements into your next design concept, such as floral, furniture, lighting, branded accents, entertainment, technology and others. Identify opportunities for creating custom fabrication pieces that can be unique focal points for guests, which helps to set yourself apart from others. By the end of this wedding & event course you will be able to evaluate a venue’s challenges and assets that will be incorporated into a design concept, and how to insure you can execute your vision within the time and space available.

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The Event Leadership Institute Team