What to Ask: Vendor & Planner Data Privacy Checklist

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This on-demand course is an excerpt from our full length Event Measurement & Analytics Certificate, taught by Joe Colangelo and Vinnu Deshetty.

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We’ve developed Event Measurement & Analytics, an entire online certificate course designed to help you master the art of event measurement, from event conception to post-event debrief. Learn to evaluate different data-driven ways to measure an event’s success with our next course starting soon!

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Estimated Time: 7:56

Difficulty: All

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Joe Colangelo Headshot

Joe Colangelo

Joe is the Co-Founder and CEO of Bear Analytics – a technology company that powers event success. Obsessed by the fundamental belief that data-driven insights make for better event outcomes and experiences, Joe and the team at Bear Analytics created Bear IQ. Bear IQ is the industry-leading event analytics platform that powers the measurement, design, and growth of the world’s best experiences – all possible via the data you’re already collecting.

Formerly the principal strategist behind the strategic development of BIO’s One-on-One Partnering System, a web-based, SaaS platform, focused on providing biotech and pharma companies an efficient system for engaging in face-to-face interactions at an international portfolio of events.

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Vinnu Deshetty

As Founder and CEO, Vinnu Deshetty brings over 20 years of experience working with conferences, meetings, and events. As a meeting planner, she understands the hurdles her industry peers encounter on a daily basis. As a techie, Vinnu knows that there are tools and tricks of the trade to help organizations overcome the unknowns of what will happen next.  Vinnu loves learning what peers in the industry have to share and share what she’s learned along this journey we call digital transformation.

In an environment where technology is quickly changing, and the nature of meetings is evolving, Vinnu leads EVA’s team of meeting planners and developers that takes the guesswork out of meeting planning. “Armed with data that EVA collects, we no longer have to rely on our gut to make strategic decisions about our events. Listen to the data. It’s trying to tell you something.” 

Raised as a coal miner’s daughter in western Kentucky, Vinnu learned the value of hard work and community. Experiencing how a community rallies together in good times and bad, she knows that the meetings industry will champion again. Vinnu obtained a Bachelor of Science from Vanderbilt University and a Master of Public Administration. She now works and resides in the Washington, DC area with her fierce feminist daughters and her sidekick Toby the wonder dog.

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