Workflow Management and Production Timelines

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In the business of event management it is critical that timelines are established amongst the planning team, the clients, the suppliers, and the venue. Adherence to these deadlines is paramount to a successful program.

This presentation will outline various ways for you to effectively manage expectations for all of the key players involved in the production of your program. I will be giving specific examples of production timelines, onsite staff guides, meeting agendas and minutes, weekly updates for clients, and giving general advice on how to avoid common pitfalls you may experience in your planning process.

Filmed on location at Sentry Centers 730 Third Avenue.

Learning Outcomes

  • Be able to identify and understand keys to creating & managing different types of production timelines, including Chronological format and Chart format.
  • Understand how to effectively communicate with your clients/suppliers/venues in order to keep everyone on task and meet deliverable dates.
  • Be able to identify how your on-site documentation is different from your planning timeline, including a detailed review of one-day and multi-day on-site guides.
  • Be able to common mistakes to avoid when managing a program, and how to mitigate risk when it comes to missing deadlines.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 27 mins

Difficulty: All

Course Domains:

Rick Moelis

Rick is the president of Rick Moelis Productions, Inc., which provides a full scope of event marketing services including hotel/venue management, speaker management, food and beverage, decor, website/registration, transportation and overall budget oversight.

Prior to that he was vice president of client services for First Protocol, where he was responsible for the overall account management of the company’s US clients to ensure they are being properly serviced by the account teams. Rick was also integral to the US office’s sales and marketing team, supporting sales activities with existing accounts as well as new clients. With extensive marketing experience, Rick provided invaluable advice to clients on strategic marketing plans and the best way to utilize their marketing spend over various marketing vehicles.

After graduating from the University of Wisconsin- Madison in ’92, Rick spent over 10 years living and working in San Francisco where he built his event management career. Rick has been working in the event marketing world for over 15 years and draws on his experience from a variety of industries including the non-profit sector (San Francisco Ballet), the beverage industry (Tanqueray and Coca-Cola) and the technology sector (BEA Systems, Inc.). At BEA, Rick oversaw the overall conference direction for their annual user conferences, developer road shows, and managed their trade show participation at over 35 shows per year. Rick has been fortunate enough to travel extensively, delivering events and marketing programs on a global level and this experience is central to the quality and breadth of experience he brings to all client engagements.

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