Hybrid & Virtual Event Director
Certificate OD

Hybrid & Virtual Event Director Certificate OD


  • Gain a detailed understanding of the technical elements involved in “on-site” delivery and production for multi-channel (virtual and hybrid) events.
  • Understand and develop show flow documents, influence production timelines, and understand how all technology and requirements fit together for the “on-site” show.
  • Learn best practices for working with speakers and event hosts, providing staging direction for both virtual and in-person speakers, and providing technical support for speaker success.


With the continued prevalence and increase in multi-channel (virtual and hybrid) events, event and meeting professionals are asked to learn virtual and hybrid technical production skills to execute and deliver successful events. This course will empower event professionals who are new to producing and delivering virtual and hybrid events with an introduction to platforms and equipment terminology; evaluating & organizing content, timelines and other deliverables; developing a show flow & production schedule; preparing backup plans; and how to direct / call a virtual or hybrid show. Additionally, learners will examine and evaluate their own personal and internal capabilities to determine when a third-party production vendor should be engaged.

Who this course is for?
Designed for the planner turned occasional (or maybe frequent) “on-site” technical event producer, this course will give planners the understanding and technical insight to build confidence to execute simple virtual and hybrid events.

Are there any pre-requisites?
In order to be successful in this course, we recommend that learners have a basic understanding of planning events and meetings, especially virtual and hybrid events. Prior completion of ELI’s Virtual Event & Meeting Management (VEMM) is recommended, however not required. Alternatively, prior knowledge of in-person, virtual and hybrid / multi-channel event concepts, terms, and strategies is highly recommended.

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Heather Sharpe

Heather Sharpe is a multi-award-winning Event Producer and Marketer with many years of experience leading corporate and community strategic initiatives. She has twice produced the largest public event in BC (Honda Celebration of Light 2014 & 2015) and the largest New Year’s Eve event in Canada (Vancouver 2015).

Recently she has transitioned to Event Technologist, supporting not-for-profits to national political parties with their virtual programs. Heather excels at the techniques required to create engaging digital content, work with technical support and live streaming partners, and call broadcast-level productions.

Heather Sharpe serves as Sherpa Group Events’ Event Producer, Digital Marketing Expert, and The Event Coach. She has served as an Instructor for the Event Management and Promotions program at the Centre for Arts and Technology Okanagan. She regularly speaks to industry organizations and writes for event publications.

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WEEK 1: Introduction to Multi-Channel Event Technical Production

  • Defining role responsibilities, similarities, and differences with other event planning/production roles
  • Defining multi-channel/hybrid events
  • Exploring the evolution of technical production in multi-channel/hybrid events
  • Reviewing differences in the technical direction of virtual and hybrid events from in-person
  • Identifying typical staffing and vendor position requirements and responsibilities for each event channel
  • Engaging with third-party vendors for multi-channel/hybrid event production
  • Review a glossary of technical terminology

WEEK 2: Pre-Event Evaluation

  • Evaluating and understanding the overall event strategy
  • Examining show content, engagement components, requirements, and production and event timelines
  • Reviewing selected technical platforms, staging, and audio-visual to determine available delivery options and restrictions
  • Exploring hybrid-specific event technology and requirements
  • Evaluating your capabilities and recognizing when you require additional help
  • Determining crew and staffing requirements for virtual and multi-channel/hybrid events
  • Conducting a SWOT (strengths, opportunities, weaknesses, and threats) and similar analysis

WEEK 3: Pre-Event Preparation

  • Developing a run-of-show and show flow
  • Creating a technical production schedule
  • Establishing on-site and remote team communication protocols
  • Preparing backup plans for remote audience interruptions
  • Developing a speaker preparation plan including communication, technical training, staging support, presentation guides, dress rehearsal parameters, and schedules
  • Preparing delivery teams for the “live” event, including pre-show communication, rehearsals, and meetings
  • Coordinating multi-channel delivery teams for a cohesive show delivery
  • Utilizing technical equipment and preparing workspaces for technical direction

WEEK 4: “Live” Event Delivery

  • Managing and directing a show using prepared show documents
  • Directing using best practices and effective communication styles
  • Managing audience engagement and troubleshooting; switching presentation mediums
  • Managing and communicating with multi-platforms, vendors, and crews
  • Monitoring multi-channel/hybrid event delivery to ensure timing and content alignment between channels
  • Engaging backup plans and troubleshooting
  • Post-event evaluation, improvement, and establishing best practices

Assessments & Grading

40% – Forum posts & Engagement
30% – Quizzes (80% pass required for each. You can take each quiz up to three times.)
30% – Final Exam (75% pass required)

Minimum passing grade: 75%


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