Program Extensions & Exam Re-Takes

Final Exam Re-Takes

In the event that a Learner does not meet the minimum required passing score for the final exam, they may chose the re-take the exam. The exam re-take fee is $75 USD per exam re-take. The maximum amount of exam re-takes is two. This means that learners have up to a maximum of three attempts to successfully complete the final exam. After the third unsuccessful attempt, learners will be required to re-take the course or program at their expense before making another attempt.

Program Extension

In the event that a Learner experiences a mitigating circumstance which prevents them from completing course and/or program requirements within the maximum allowable timeframe or program end date / deadline, the Learner may apply for an extension. An application for program extension must be made in writing to Extensions are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and application alone does not guarantee acceptance, as it might be in the best interest of the Learner to repeat the course and/or program.

PayELI offers extended access to Professional Development Courses on a monthly basis for a maximum of three months. The non-refundable extension fee is $50 USD per month. Payment is required at the time of application. Should a Learner be required to repeat a course due to unsuccessful completion, regular tuition fees apply for the repeated course(s) or program(s). Event Leadership Institute may choose to waive these fees under special circumstances at its discretion.

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