How to Evolve Your Career Alongside the Rapidly Changing Events Industry


The events industry is ever-changing, always adapting, and continuously growing – which is one of the many reasons why we love what we do! As an event management company that prides itself on being strategic, Redstone Agency knows first-hand how important it is to further the professional development and learnings of not only their skilled event planning experts but for all professionals in the electrifying events world. We like to tell people not to think about what would happen if you invest in your employees and they leave, but to consider what would happen if you don’t and they stay. 

If COVID-19 has shown us (and the world) anything, it’s that the event planning industry and its talented professionals are adaptable, resilient, and stubborn (in the best way, as we’re not going anywhere!). That’s why there are so many helpful resources and tools out there to ensure that as an event planning expert, we’re providing the best possible solution for our clients, ourselves, and all event stakeholders relying on us to get the job done – and with flawless execution!

Continual learning should be a lifelong journey, as it not only helps us develop into our best professional selves, but provides our employers, peers, and clients with the confidence and ease of expert and top-notch execution. In the same breath that we encourage career development for consistent growth and learning, we also firmly emphasize the importance of staying up to speed on the skills and trends that are required to deliver best-in-class results, such as the latest technology trends, pandemic protocols, new meeting design approaches, event formats, and so much more.

We should all be looking for the best tools, resources, designations, and skills to acquire into our professional toolkit, but we know this can be an overwhelming and time-consuming feat. With so many options out there, how do you know where to start?

Redstone has gathered our list of the best resources, certifications, and tools out there for event experts to pursue professional designations in their field. These designations and certifications will demonstrate your well-roundedness and expertise in all things events.

  1. Pandemic Meeting & Event Design Certificate (PMED) offered by Event Leadership Institute (ELI)
  2. Virtual Event and Meeting Management (VEMM) Certificate offered by ELI
  3. Hybrid & Virtual Event Director Certificate (HVED) offered by ELI
  4. WHO Mass Gatherings Risk Assessment Training offered by World Health Organization (WHO)
  5. Pandemic On-Site Protocol Training (POP) offered by ELI
  6. Technical Meeting and Event Production Certificate (TMEP) offered by ELI
  7. Certified Meeting Planner (CMP) administered by Meeting Professionals International (MPI) and the Events Industry Council (EIC)
  8. Digital Event Strategist (DES) offered by Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA)
  9. Event Designer Certification (EDC) offered by MPI

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. The above resources are there to help you find your starting point. Since career development is ongoing, we encourage you to start with the most relevant certifications for your field and expertise. Redstone is proud to be part of this inspiring events industry, and we’re excited to see what new certification and designation resources will come next!

About Redstone Agency 
Bailey Roth and Carly Silberstein are the co-founders of Redstone Agency Inc. Founded in 2015, Redstone is proud to be one of Canada’s most innovative and strategic event and association management companies. Redstone is solution-oriented and approaches all challenges as an opportunity. Redstone offers expertise, staffing, technology, and other resources that allow organizations to advance their long-term goals. Redstone thrives on turning a client’s vision into a reality, creating long-lasting connections, and strengthening communities, both in-person and virtually. We believe in the power of community and connection achieved by events, no matter the format, and utilize events as a marketing tool to leverage organizations in today’s fast-paced and competitive markets. For more information, visit https://www.redstoneevents.com/.