Amani Roberts

Chief Musical Curator, Amani Experience

DJ AmRo (Amani Roberts) is a Washington DC born and bred DJ who has been in California since 2007. DJ AmRo’s musical knowledge spans numerous decades and crosses multiple genres. DJ AmRo currently has residencies on various nights in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Venice, Hermosa Beach and Culver City.

In April of 2008, Amani started a online radio show called Mirth Nadir. The focus of the show was listener dedications and interviewing indie and mainstream artists. The successful creation of this show further cemented Amani’s decision to DJ at a variety of events and venues throughout the world. In June of 2013, DJ AmRo graduated from the internationally renowned Scratch Academy DJ school. This intense year-long program (which is the equivalent to DJ College) has elevated the skill set of Amani in an immense way. In April of 2015, DJ AmRo graduated a second time from Scratch Academy DJ School. The focus of his studies this second time was Music Production.

Courses from Amani Roberts: