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Jennifer Trethewey is author of the book Change or Choke and a global trailblazer in the business world. Jennifer coaches and enables companies and their teams to achieve internal alignment through harnessing the power of Culture, Conflict and Change. A highly successful businesswoman with more than 30 years’ corporate experience in senior roles across multiple sectors, she has fast built credibility as an international Change Agent in Australia and United States.

Jennifer started her career leading a Sales team with retail giant Coles Myer and has extensive training in senior management, operations, leadership, business analysis, customer experience, internal process and marketing. In 2007 she set up ‘change agency’ JTG Global and found a niche in enabling upper management to navigate change and fix problems in their organisation, in what’s become an increasingly complex and fast paced corporate environment.

Her expertise in Culture, Conflict and Change has led to senior consultancies with a diverse range of companies around the world including The Macquarie Leisure Trust, The San Francisco Giants, Equity Trustees, Mediatec Asia Pacific and Service Systems Associates based in Denver, Colorado. Jennifer is currently the International President of ILEA the International Live Events Association based in Chicago and a passionate member of the Hawthorn Football Cub!

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