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There’s a clear distinction between designing an event experience, versus planning an event. Experience design applies experiential properties and principals to the event design, while event planning is the organization of event elements to fulfill a set of goals. Of course, fundamentals of planning exist within experience design. However, by applying a strategy of experiential thinking to design, it can elevate your event making it more meaningful, relevant to attendees and guests, and ultimately help you produce a more effective event.

Here are three points to focus on throughout the experience design process;

Clarity of Vision

As a starting point in the design process, it is extremely important to have a clear understanding of the what, where, and why of the event. Without this clarity, you are designing with no real purpose or objectives and your designs may not be relevant to guests or meet the objectives of your client.

Balance of Aesthetics & Function

While you might want to focus on creating a spectacular event environment, it is important to remember that aesthetics alone are simply not enough. Creative design must be purposeful and should move the audience to the desired action. Experience design should shape and build meaningful and relevant experiences – meaningful to the brand to meet the event’s overall objectives, and relevant to all guests.


No detail is unimportant, it’s all part of the experience. Continuity or theme threading is
connecting all components of an event successfully, and creating a seamless experience for guests that makes sense. Elements can include; client interaction, branding, graphic design, sponsors, printed materials, speakers, video, staging, talent, lighting, décor, props, catering, seating, staffing, VIP relations, guest check in, guest interaction and more.

Experience design creates an attendee experience of what you’d like guests to know, think, feel and ultimately do as a result of your design.


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