9 Can’t-miss Tips to Help You Bolster Your Events Career

9 Can’t-miss Tips to Help You Bolster Your Events Career

Whether you’re just starting out in the event and meetings industry or you’re looking to take your current career to the next level, these tips can help you elevate your career!

1. Always work on expanding your network

Networking… You either love it or hate it. Either way, it’s an essential part of growing your career. Having connections in different areas of the industry whether it’s with venue sales managers, caterers, event designers or event tech experts can only benefit you in the long run. You never know who is going to recommend you to a potentially lucrative client or your next big break.

2. Read constantly

Event professionals are always busy, so at first thought it might seem self-indulgent to take time away to read. However, making an effort to read the latest literature about what’s happening in the events industry is key. Whether it’s a book, whitepaper, eBook or blog post, make sure you work on your own professional development by setting aside some time to read.

3. Keep learning

The moment you stop learning is the moment your career’s trajectory hits a stand-still. The events industry is incredibly forward-thinking and it’s constantly evolving; thus, your knowledge should be constantly evolving, too. Expanding your expertise and gaining a variety of different skills will make you that much more valuable!

4. Recognize and promote your own accomplishments

While you don’t want to cross the line into bragging, recognizing and pointing out your own accomplishments is important! Being modest all the time won’t necessarily get you where you want to be. So, if you win an award or successfully launch a never-before-seen event concept, make a celebratory post on LinkedIn and let your professional network know!

5. Recognize others’ accomplishments

When a person goes out of their way to recognize or congratulate someone, it leaves a positive impression on the person being complimented. By providing positive support and encouragement to fellow colleagues and professionals in your industry, you position yourself as a supporter and most importantly, someone people would love to have on their team!

6. Volunteer

While many people think volunteering is best saved for industry newcomers, that’s simply not true. At any stage of your career, volunteering to help someone out with their event can be beneficial. Not only will the people you’re helping be more likely to do you a favor later, it also gives you a valuable opportunity to observe and learn.

7. Ask questions

Informational interviews are an excellent way to pick the brain of somebody you idolize, admire, or want to emulate. Offer to take someone you respect out for a coffee or meal and ask them about their experiences and how they got to that level in their career. Not only will this help grow your network, you’ll gain tons of insight into what it takes to rise to the top in the events industry.

8. Write down your goals

Where do you want to be in six months? What about a year? Two years? While you don’t need to have every little detail planned out, it’s good to have a general idea of where you’d like the general direction of your career to go and what your goals are. Take some time and write down your six-month, one-year, and two-year career goals and put them somewhere you see often.

9. Ensure you’re satisfied in other areas of your life

Career success is hard to enjoy if other aspects of your life are suffering. When your inner self is happy, you’ll have the energy and attitude to succeed in your career. So, don’t forget to make your personal life important, too. Get plenty of sleep, eat well, and participate in activities that make you feel happy and excited about life!

What tips would you share for career growth? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Excellent advice. I feel that a career in event planning is however something that some excel at and others don’t. Working in exhibition stand design I work alongside some exceptional event planners in the UK

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