Punching Above Your Weight: How Even Small Agencies Can Land Big Accounts

Session Description

If you’re a small business, it can sometimes be daunting to go for the bigger opportunities and/or against larger companies. However, being small (as David found with Goliath) can be an advantage. In an age of disruption, the nimble movers are usually the winners.

We can pivot faster, often be more creative, and we have the ability to specialize and customize. And now, the COVID era has opened up even more opportunities to talk value, talk event campaigns, and more.

These tactics can move your company to the top spot regardless of size. And if you want to talk scale – we covered that too. Hear how smaller can be stronger, and bigger accounts can be yours!

Course Information

Estimated Time: 31 minutes

Heather Mason

Heather Mason founded Caspian Agency in 2005, intent on bringing a scientifically-based strategic discipline to white-glove event planning after recognizing that there was no codified method for creating and executing strategic events at scale. To do this, she created the Caspian 10 Essentials of Event Science. This methodology has been taught internationally, and is featured curricula for the San Diego State University Masters in Meetings and Events degree program where Heather is a Senior Fellow and an instructor. Her expertise in the innovation and social good business space has led to successful projects around the globe for the Skoll.

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