Working With International Audiences

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Just because your attendees are visiting doesn’t mean they shouldn’t feel at home! In this course, filmed live on the trade show floor at BizBash Boston, Faith Moore discusses the intricacies of dealing with international audiences. These include entertainment preferences, mealtime preferences, and the critical thing you must know when dealing with a Saudi or Muslim audience. Faith also discusses the integration of smoking breaks, developing culturally inclusive and immersive program plans, and preparing for every eventuality.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand how to learn about the specific needs of your cultural audience
  • Understand key differentiating factors of different cultural groups
  • Walk through real programs and recognize what makes them successful and engaging to your audience

Course Information

Estimated Time: 13 mins

Difficulty: Intermediate


CMP Credit Hours:

Faith Moore

Faith Moore has been helping prestigious corporate clients succeed through events and incentives for over 25 years. Faith founded FM&A in 1990 and leads the company with her deep knowledge of New England, and her elegant, eclectic sense of style.
Faith has an uncanny ability to put people at ease, and she finds common ground with everyone she meets. The daughter of a US ambassador, she grew up living in an Embassy overseas and traveled extensively. She is intimately familiar with the protocol to deal with dignitaries, and has a firm grasp of contemporary business and what it takes in these times to help clients succeed. She enjoys the fine art of hospitality with a keen focus on how strategic event management will influence behavior and create desired outcomes.
Faith also brings a sense of social responsibility to bear in the corporate market, and will seek opportunities to fulfill a client’s philanthropic mission to support the community through event planning.
A Smith College graduate, Faith started in the industry as an inspired tour guide with an art historian’s knowledge of architecture. She still considers one of her best talents to be her ability to deliver an ear-piercing whistle that will stop a tour bus in its tracks two blocks away.

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