Introducing ELI Event Tech Test Drives

Key Takeaways:

  • Explore virtual meeting platforms from the perspective of different stakeholders such as attendees, speakers, sponsors, and planners.
  • Learn how to identify your goals for an event tech platform and how to evaluate platforms.
  • Determine the best use case for each platform and whether it meets your needs.

A year into the new world of virtual events, you have likely planned an event using virtual event meeting management software. Now, though, you may be looking for a more robust platform or have been tasked with sourcing and evaluating new options. How do you figure out which event tech platform is best for your event?

We’re here to help.

Go behind the scenes with leading providers with ELI’s new Event Test Tech Drives. Hosted by Liz Caruso, CEO of Liz King Events and techsytalk, the video series takes a deep dive into several leading virtual event management platforms where you can learn about new platforms as well as upgrades to existing providers.

Produced exclusively for ELI, the initial lineup includes: Cadence, Intrado, Shoflo, and Swapcard, with additional platforms coming soon.

The “test drive” format is designed to put you in the driver’s seat of the platform. After an introduction and platform overview, see for yourself what the experience is like from the vantage point of all stakeholders. You can choose to view the perspective of the attendees, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors, and, of course, the planner in a screen-sharing-like setup.

Finally, Liz asks follow-up questions that planners will likely have after watching the demos. She digs into the details, from data and analytics tools to pricing to the best use case for each platform.

The series also includes an overview on how to best use the tech drives. Liz walks through how to identify goals for a platform for your specific event, red flags to watch out for, professional services questions, and other key metrics to consider when evaluating them. Think of this resource as the best first step before contacting a company directly.

The demos are available now to view on demand on ELI’s website.

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