Tapping Into the Meaning of Color When Planning Your Next Event

Color is more than just a straightforward design choice and much more than just a theme. Color has the ability to make a direct impact on the way your attendees think and feel during your event, as well as how they behave.

Each color evokes different emotions, and we often associate colors with different things. Thus, it’s important to put a little extra thought into the colors that you’re featuring at your events.

If you’re starting your career in the events industry or are interested in beginning one, keep reading to learn more about the meaning of color.

Using the Color Blue at Your Future Events

Blue is a color that offers serenity and peace. In fact, some studies have shown that blue can reduce a person’s heart rate. In addition, blue is an effective color for creating a business-like atmosphere. As a result, blue is a great fit for corporate events, as it’s professional but also creates a calm vibe, helping busy corporate attendees relax and enjoy their experience at your event.

The Relaxing Power of the Color Green

There’s no doubt that the color green is often associated with nature and health, the outdoors, and growth. While you may choose to use green at your future events for this purpose, it’s also an excellent color for creating a low-key atmosphere, as green is often pegged for creating a sense of balance and harmony. Does your next event have a designated relaxation and recharge space? Consider using green accents throughout the room.

Get Things Fired Up at Your Event with the Color Red

It’s no secret that red is the color of passion, love, and vibrant energy. It has also been known to create a physical response in the body, such as an increased heart rate. As such, there’s no doubt that red is an exciting color, which is why it’s a great fit for lively events. Want to get your attendees mingling and dancing? Red is a great option.

The Color Purple Isn’t Just About Luxury and Royalty

Purple is a color commonly associated with royalty. However, it can also represent wisdom and creativity. Because of this, purple makes a fantastic color to feature in break-out sessions or interactive rooms at your events, helping your attendees get creative, learn new things, and come up with valuable solutions.

Create an Uplifting Atmosphere at Your Events with the Color Yellow

Yellow is an uplifting, bright, optimistic, and cheerful color. However, when used too brightly and on a large scale, yellow can easily cross over from being uplifting to frustrating. If you’re going to use yellow to create a happy atmosphere at your future events, it’s best to opt for it in small doses to make sure your guests don’t become overwhelmed.

Encourage Extroversion with the Color Orange at Your Next Event

Orange is a color that invokes excitement and enthusiasm. It’s also commonly associated with extroversion. This can come in handy if you’re planning events with a substantial networking component, as you can use orange strategically to encourage attendees to interact with one another.

What do you think? Do you choose specific colors for a certain reason? Let us know in the comments below!

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