New ELI Member Chats to Kick Off Wednesday

Let’s chat.

Specifically, let’s chat about event technology; entrepreneurship and business ownership; design, creativity and innovation; and the return to in-person events.

The Event Leadership Institute is kicking off a series of regular conversations just for its members—and we’re inviting you to join the conversation.

These member chats will be looser than a webinar but have more structure than a Reddit AMA. We’ll announce the topics ahead of time, spice things up with guests, and allow plenty of time for your questions and comments. We hope the chats become a regular part of your calendar and that we build regular communities. We know you’re busy, so the chats will be limited to just half an hour. One other important thing to note: They won’t be recorded—you have to be there to participate.

We’re kicking things off this Wednesday at 3 p.m. ET / 12 p.m. PT with a chat introducing our four discussion topics and their leaders. They are:

Liz (King) Caruso: Event Technology — Liz, who also hosts ELI’s Event Tech Test Drives, will keep you updated on the latest in event tech—which right now is hyper-focused on solutions for virtual events.

Jeff Guberman: Entrepreneurship — Jeff will cover key issues that all business owners need to master such as setting business strategy, borrowing money for small businesses, mergers and acquisitions, and other topics.

Eryne Sarabin, DES: Design, Creativity & Innovation — Eryne knows how to think outside the Zoom box. In virtual and hybrid environments, how do we make experiences still immersive, entertaining, and engaging? She will look at the event design from the standpoint of the customer journey, accessibility, communication and promotions strategy, and more.

Kevin White, CSEP: Returning to In-Person Events — Some organizations have already returned to in-person events. Others are waiting until 2022. This chat will explore timely topics related to such as health passports and the future of health security, the event formats that have changed forever, and additional pressing topics.

At the kickoff event, you will get to know these dynamic event pros and hear them preview the topics they will be covering in the coming months. Yes, there will be some overlap (hello, event tech!), but each conversation will have its own focus.

Our goal is to provide an informative and safe forum where event professionals can dig into important topics and connect with one another.

So, let’s chat! Register now for our kickoff on Wednesday, March 31 at 3 pm ET | 12 pm PT.

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