Event Marketing – Quick Guide to Key Social Media Platforms


READ TIME: 3 minutes

Event marketing is an essential part of pulling off a fantastic event. This Smarticle will provide some insight into the three core social media networks, so the next time you’re planning an event, you’ll be better prepared to leverage social media to its fullest extent.


When it comes to event marketing, Facebook is an excellent platform to leverage. Not only is it the most popular social network in the United States, it also has fantastic features intended specifically for promoting events.

Here are some quick stats about Facebook:

  • 71% of adults in the United States use Facebook
  • 74% of Facebook users log in daily
  • Facebook users spend over 38 minutes each day browsing the platform.

Source: Hootsuite

Facebook’s built-in Facebook Events feature makes it easy to list your event, link to where you’re selling tickets, and invite people to attend. It also makes it easy for future attendees to share the event among their friends.

  • 35,000,000 people view a public event on Facebook each day
  • 700,000,000 people use Facebook Events every month

You can use Facebook Events to promote your event, increase ticket sales, raise awareness of your event, update your attendees, share with your fans, and more!

Source: Facebook


Instagram’s visual nature and popularity make it ideal for spreading the word about your event using striking images and fun graphics.

Here are some quick stats about Instagram:

  • Every month, 1 billion people use Instagram
  • The gender mix on Instagram is pretty much even
  • 200 million Instagram users visit at least one business profile daily

Instagram is also a great platform for reaching international audiences, as 89% of Instagram users live outside of the US. So, if you’re planning an event and marketing to people across the world, Instagram could be the ideal platform.

Source: Hootsuite


The stories about brands who got burned on Twitter are many. But does that mean it’s time to give Twitter a miss? Not at all. Reports of Twitter’s death, as Mark Twain definitely never said, have been exaggerated. 

Here are some quick stats about Twitter:

  • Twitter has 145 million monetizable active users daily
  • 30 million of Twitter’s daily users are in the United States
  • 44% of Americans aged 18 to 24 use Twitter

For paid ads, engagement on Twitter is up 23%, and cost per engagement is down 23%. Twitter users spend 26% more time with ads than other social media users. 

In addition, Twitter is a great platform for publishing video. Watching video is the #3 reason people use Twitter, and tweets with videos get 10 times the engagement. Users watch 2 billion videos on Twitter per day.

Source: Hootsuite